Pilot Developments

The Next Generation Housing Initiative has established pilot developments. These pilot developments will help achieve the goal of building 1,000 owner-occupied units with 75% under $320,000 and 100% under $420,000, including home and lot/site, by 2032.


Village of Jackson - Oaks of Jackson

Image of Jackson Pilot Site

The 20-acre Village of Jackson pilot site is owned by the municipality and is located directly behind the new municipal building. 

The Project Management Team has worked diligently and efficiently with SEH Engineering to create a concept plan for the Oaks of Jackson subdivision. The concept has a diverse mix of housing, ranging from detached single family homes to townhomes.

On October 26, 2022, the Village held an Open House to discuss why Next Generation Housing is important to the Village and to present the concept plan. The Project Management Team presented a PowerPoint presentation with details about the project and examples of what types of housing may be constructed within the development.

The Oaks of Jackson Groundbreaking event took place on May 8, 2023. This was a celebration of work completed so far in the Village of Jackson. View the Oaks of Jackson Groundbreaking StoryMap. Check back for updates on this development!

Progress on the Oaks of Jackson:

  • Concept Plan reviewed by the public and Village Board - fall 2022
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD) Zoning Approved by Village Board - January 2023
  • Preliminary Plat Approved by Village Board - March 2023
  • Oaks of Jackson Groundbreaking - May 8, 2023
  • Builder Unveil - October 11, 2023

Harbor Homes and Hillcrest Builders have been selected for the single family and duplex homes in the Oaks of Jackson. For information on purchasing these spec homes in the development, please check MLS or the builders' websites.

Hillcrest Builders: https://www.hillcrestbuilders.com/

Harbor Homes: https://www.harborhomeswi.com/

Skyway Park Lots 67-73 - City of Hartford

Washington County and A&N Contracting are working together along to bring Next Generation Housing to the City of Hartford. This seven lot demonstration project is under construction and the first couple homes will be ready for occupancy in the spring of 2023. Check back for updates on this development!

A&N Contracting: https://www.aandncontracting.com/


Guiding Documents

Next Generation Housing Zoning Guidelines - December 2022

Executive Summary - Workforce Housing Analysis

Workforce Housing Analysis - September 2022


Deed Restriction Frequently Asked Questions for Lenders

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