About Us

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is located in West Bend, Wisconsin. Our Deputies and staff perform the following roles for this community:

  • Enforce federal, state and local laws and ordinance
  • Investigate crimes
  • Maintain order at civil proceedings
  • Provide security in the courthouse and court system
  • Transport prisoners to and from court
  • Assist the citizens of Washington County when requested for various non-criminal matters
  • Maintain a county jail
  • Provide a huber facility and Electronic Monitoring Program
  • Operate a Juvenile Secure Detention Facility
  • Provide 911 dispatch services to the citizens of Washington County including many of the municipalities for fire, rescue and police
  • Provide support to the citizens through the computerized record system
  • Research and plan for future improvements of the department procedures with the use of new technologies
  • Operate the Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Unit
  • Maintain Washington County SWAT Team
  • Maintain Washington County Dive Team
  • Provide D.A.R.E. and other educational and public relations program

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