Social Capital Investment

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The American Rescue Plan Act awarded Washington County $26 million in recovery funds for economic and community recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic that will be used to address the current and future issues pertaining to the declining workforce in Washington County.

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Washington County created a Social Capital Initiative as part of the Our Great Community Campaign with the goal of building intergovernmental cooperation and establishing connections between the County, local municipalities, nonprofit organizations, religious groups, and business sectors. It is anticipated that fostering these relationships will help people and organizations feel a sense of belonging and a network of support as they continue to build their roots in Washington County. 

Social Capital is defined as the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular community, creating close-knit connections and allowing that community to grow and thrive. Communities with an abundance of social capital tend to have less crime, social isolation, higher rates of home ownership, lower poverty levels, and more trust in one another. It is important that Washington County continues to invest in social capital to preserve the close-knit, community feel and strong network of support through the generations to come.

Social Capital Focus Group

Image of Social Capital EventOn February 16, 2022 the Community Development Department hosted a Social Capital Focus Group Event. The purpose of the event was to bring together civic leaders in the community to identify and brainstorm social capital gaps in the county, the barriers to building sustainable social capital in the county, and potential solutions to these gaps and barriers.

Social Capital Focus Group Summary