VA Healthcare

  • What is it: VA Healthcare is just that, care, the VA does not provide health insurance, Veterans can utilize VA healthcare at VA medical Centers (VAMC) and Community Based Outreach Clinics (CBOC’s) throughout the United States and abroad.  There are some provisions for Veterans to receive care in their community, but care in the community, through private providers, requires the Veteran to meet certain eligibility criteria. 


  • What We Do: Assist Veterans in the application for VA healthcare as well as determining basic eligibility. 


  • How do I do this?  Contact the Washington County Veterans Service Office, or the office of your County residency, and schedule an appointment.  When scheduling, listen closely to what is needed and explain the reason for the appointment.  This ensures proper forms can be prepared before you arrive.  For Washington County call 262-335-4457


Washington County VA Healthcare FAQ’s:

  • When using VA healthcare as your primary healthcare, you can go to any emergency room in the case of an emergency.  The VA uses the reasonable person standard, if a reasonable person would consider it an emergency then you are justified.  YOU MUST contact the VA within 24 hours and get approval for the emergency visit.  All follow on care must be done through your VA provider i.e. when the emergency is over, you cannot continue using a private provider unless the VA grants you that permission.

  • You can use VA healthcare for all of your healthcare needs, you do not need to be disabled for this issue or illness to be covered.

  • VA Healthcare is for Veterans only.

  • VA does provide medications and often, at a much more reasonable price point then the private sector.  You will want to shop around. 


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