Washington County Veterans Services:

Summary of Services

Primary Programs and Functions of the Washington County Veterans Service Department: Three Primary Services Categories, Federal Benefits, State Benefits, and Community Programs.  Links to the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs, State of Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs and various other agencies are included for your information. 


Federal Benefit Programs

VA Pension (Non-service or Survivor): Assist wartime veterans or their widow's in applying for this needs based program.



Dependency and Indemnity Compensation: Assist spouses of veterans who died from service related injuries or conditions apply for benefits.



VA Compensation and service connected disability: Assist veterans with service related claims for injuries or conditions related to their military service.



VA Home Loan, Certificate of Eligibility: Assist eligible veterans in submitting request for the VA Home Loan program



Champ VA Healthcare for Survivors and Dependents: Assist eligible dependents of veterans in their applications for health care and any questions or issue that arise.



VA Grave Marker Assistance: Assist families in submission of applications for VA Memorial Markers



VA Healthcare: Assist veterans with applications for VA Health Care to access medical care and services.


Education Benefits: Assist Veterans with applications for education benefits and explain eligibility and strategy for maximizing benefit usage. 


State of Wisconsin Benefit Programs

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development: Veteran Employment Services https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/veterans/   

Wisconsin GI Bill: Assist eligible veterans and dependents in submitting applications for this UW tuition remission program



Wisconsin Property Tax Credit: Assist eligible veterans or widow in submitting for this property tax remission program provide through the WI Department of Revenue



Wisconsin Needy Veterans Grants: Assist Veterans in applying for State Aid for specific medical needs.



Wisconsin State Driver’s License Veteran Indicator: Assist eligible veterans in submitting request to WI DMV to have "Veteran" added to their driver’s license



Wisconsin State Parks Pass/Outdoor Rec License: Verify eligibility for the WI DNR Park Pass program for disabled veterans



Wisconsin Veterans Home Improvement Loan or Personal Loan: Assist veterans in submission of loan applications and if approved closings (Benefit Offering Currently Suspended by the State)



Community Programs/Activities

Community Liaison for Veterans: Contact, guide, and educator for all things Federal and State Veterans Affairs related.  An access point for Veterans who need VA services or need a referral for other municipal, County, State, Federal or private organization services.

Veteran Outreach: Upon notification from DoD that an individual has separated from military service, contact them and advise them on available veteran programs

Homeless Veteran Benefit Access Point: Local representative that provides referral services for housing, food, medical, and job services for homeless or recently incarcerated Veterans.

Civic Service Club County Representative: Serves as primary information sharing hub, regularly attending meetings of service clubs and providing information to membership.

Functional Record Maintenance for Veteran Benefit Applications: Retain application data, records, correspondence, and historical data electronically throughout the life cycle and beyond for County Veterans.

Veterans Service Commission: Commission of three appointed Veterans from Washington County, whose responsibility is to oversee assistance for needy Veterans from the Veterans Relief Fund. (Chapter 45)

Veterans Relief Fund: Review applications for aid with Washington County Veteran  Service Commission (Chapter 45)

Memorial Day Flag Program: Coordinate volunteers, order necessary flags and flag holders to be placed on graves of veterans buried in Washington County

Military Day at the County Fair: Assist in coordination and scheduling of events honoring veterans at the annual County Fair