Winter Driving

For most of us, "neither snow or rain, or dark of night" can keep us off the highways--in any season, in any weather.

Before cold weather hits, be sure your car is in good running order and is properly serviced. Have a reliable mechanic check your battery, antifreeze, wipers and windshield washer fluid, ignition and thermostat. Good tires are also very important.

Before you start out, clean snow and ice off all parts of your car windows, hood, roof, trunk, and lights. Snow left on the car could affect visibility once you start driving.

Keep basic items like a windshield scraper, battery booster cables, a tow chain or rope, a bag of sand, a blanket and a flashlight in your car.

If you should get caught on the road during a winter storm, keep calm. Give some indication that you're in trouble--turn on your flashing lights, raise the hood, or tie a cloth to an antenna or door handle.

Exercise from time to time by clapping your hands and moving your arms and legs. Don't stay in one position too long, but don't overexert yourself by shoveling or trying to push the car.

Winter presents many challenges for the snow belt traveler. By staying calm and using all that's available to stay as warm as possible, your situation will remain one of inconvenience rather than a life or death peril.