MABAS Mapping

Mutual Aid Box Alarm System, or MABAS, is a voluntary mutual aid organization used for deploying fire, rescue and emergency medical services personnel in a multi-agency response. Please see the MABAS Wisconsin website for more information about the role of MABAS in Wisconsin.

The maps included below are for the benefit of the emergency service providers serving Washington County and anyone else with an interest in the location of MABAS boxes.

Map Last Update
Countywide Map* Dec 21, 2015
Allenton Fire Oct 7, 2015
Boltonville Fire Feb 17, 2010
Fillmore Fire Sept 28, 2015
Germantown Fire Oct 7, 2015
Hartford Fire* Jan 27, 2012
Hartford Fire and EMS* Jan 27, 2012
Jackson Fire Jan 27, 2012
Kewaskum Fire Dec 22, 2015
Kohlsville Fire Feb 17, 2010
Newburg Fire Oct 30, 2015
Richfield Fire Oct 28, 2015
Slinger Fire Nov 9, 2015
St. Lawrence Fire Feb 17, 2010
West Bend Fire* Oct 7, 2015
* Oversized page (not 11x17)