Department Summaries:


Budget, Policy & Analytics:

Budget, Policy & Analytics (BPA) provides technical assistance to County leadership and departments. The focus is on efficient operations, budgets, reporting, resource allocation & oversight and payroll functions.

Clerk of Courts:

The Clerk of Courts is an elected position with a 4 year term of office. Clerks are required to maintain records of all documents filed with the
courts, keep a record of court proceedings, schedule court hearings, and collect various fees, fines and forfeitures ordered by the court or specified
by statute. The office is also responsible for selecting and notifying potential jurors for jury service. The administrative responsibilities of the Clerk
of Circuit Court include budgeting and administering trial court resources, developing effective policies and procedures and recruiting and
maintaining competent staff. Clerks are record keepers, court administrators and government leaders. They provide an administrative link
between the judiciary, the County Board and the public.

County Attorney/Child Support:

The Office of the County Attorney provides legal advice to the County Board, it's committees, and county departments. The County Attorney drafts
and reviews ordinances and resolutions for County Board action, reviews contracts, commences legal proceedings for collections, advises on
parliamentary procedures, and prosecutes mental commitment, guardianship, protective placement/services, and termination of parental rights cases.
The County Attorney also prosecutes cases for County code violations.

The Child Support Agency's primary objective is to ensure parents provide financial and medical support for their children by establishing paternity and
obtaining and enforcing court orders. Families that receive financial and medical support have a greater chance of being self sufficient. With our
primary objective in mind, the Child Support Agency strives to provide accurate and timely information and guidance in an atmosphere of cooperation
and respect for each other and the public.

County Clerk:

The County Clerk is a Constitutional Officer elected every four years. The office of the County Clerk provides clerk services to the County Board and
the general public of Washington County. The County Clerk also acts as an agent and representative for the State of Wisconsin through clerical
assistance, issuance/distribution of licenses, election coordination, and maintenance of records. Central Reproduction services and Mail Service for
county operations is also provided through the County Clerk office.

County Executive:

The County Executive is the chief elected officer for the county. Elected to a four-year term in a spring election, the County Executive provides
centralized management of county operations and facilities. The County Executive is responsible for supervising and coordinating all administrative
and management functions performed by all departments and offices of Washington County government. The County Executive appoints a cabinet to
assist in the management of administration, community development, health and human services, and public works. As a community leader, the
county executive’s office responds to constituent questions and concerns. The county executive’s term expires in the spring of presidential election
years. Emergency management and the medical examiner report to the Office of the County Executive.

County Treasurer:

The County Treasurer is a Constitutional Officer elected every four years. The County Treasurer prepares and generates the tax bills for all 20
municipalities in the County. As the tax collector, the County Treasurer is responsible for the collection of all delinquent and postponed real
estate taxes from the 20 municipalities in the County. The County Treasurer acts as the County's bank and receipts all the revenues received by
the various county departments and deposits the money daily. The County Treasurer serves as the administrator of the Lottery and Gaming
Credit Claim program for Washington County and is a resource for all the local municipal clerks and treasurers of Washington County.

District Attorney:

The Office of the District Attorney represents the people of the State of Wisconsin and Washington County in the courts. The District Attorney and staff prosecute state criminal matters; forfeiture actions; State and County traffic code and ordinance violations; Department of Natural Resource violations; and juvenile, domestic abuse, sexual predator, and harassment cases. The Office of the District Attorney also attempts to educate the public through various efforts to the community regarding the criminal justice system and the responsibility of the District Attorney. In addition, the District Attorney also operates the Victim/Witness Program, which provides statutory and constitutionally mandated support to victims and witnesses of crime. 

Emergency Management:

Performs Emergency Operations Plan updates, coordinates EPCRA off-site plans and updates, emergency related training classes, organizes, coordinates and debriefs emergency training exercise, communicates to the public about emergency preparedness, responds to incidents, encourages and coordinates municipal plans and updates and administers Homeland Security Programs and Initiatives. 

Extension Washington County:

The University of Wisconsin-Extension educators are the representatives of the United States Department of Agriculture, the University of Wisconsin, and the Washington County Board of Supervisors. They design educational programs which apply research, knowledge, and resources to meet the issues and needs of Washington County residents. This teaching is done through all media including radio, newspaper, meetings, visits, phone, classroom and personal counseling. It covers agriculture, family living, nutrition education, 4-H youth development, and community development.

Facilities Management:

The County maintains seven buildings for various County operations. A mix of county employees and contracted staff are responsible for the cleaning and care of all County buildings.


The Finance Department provides Washington County with centralized financial management and reporting through payroll and accounting systems. The Finance Department has a Purchasing Division, which is responsible for monitoring, supervising, and coordinating the purchasing functions of Washington County.

Health & Human Services Department:

Aging & Disability Resource Center

The Aging & Disability Resource Center is a centralized source of information and assistance for seniors and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities in Washington County. The ADRC also provides their clients access to services and community resources. Other community members such as family, friends, neighbors, caregivers, doctors, and other professionals can also receive information from the ADRC to assist them in their work with seniors and disabled adults. This assistance can be provided in person, over the phone, or with a home visit. These services are available regardless of income or health status at no cost to the individual.

Health Department

The joint Washington-Ozaukee County Health Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life by promoting, protecting, and enhancing the health and well-being of the public - specifically in the areas of: communicable disease, emergency preparedness, community health and prevention, environmental health, the Women Infants and Children (WIC) nutritional program, maternal and child health, and immunizations.

Human Services

Washington County Human Services Department will, with dignity and respect, offer responsive and effective community programs to individuals and families challenged by disability, economic hardship and safety concerns. Our commitment is to help facilitate self-sufficiency for those we serve and enhance the quality of life in our community. Through our three divisions of Behavioral Health, Children and Families and Economic Support, the dedicated staff of the Human Services department strives to support individuals and families as they achieve self-sufficiency and social well being.

Highway Department:

The Washington County Highway Department maintains a proud tradition of providing exceptional winter service to the citizens of Washington County while also providing preventative road maintenance to protect our infrastructure investments. The department is responsible for the maintenance of 650 lane miles of State and Federal Highways and 442 miles of County Trunk Highways. While striving to balance the multi-modal transportation needs of the public with a fiscally prudent Highway Department, Washington County has been able to maintain a high level of service for all citizens. 

Human Resources:

Human Resources (HR) provides the County with a comprehensive personnel program for all Washington County employees. HR is involved in every step of an employee's career with the County including employee recruitment and selection procedures, labor relations such as contract negotiations, compensation plan administration, employee development and training programs, employee benefit programs, family and medical leave, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) administration. Additionally, the Human Resources Director acts as secretary to the Washington County Civil Service Commission.

Information Technology:

The Information Technology (IT) Department is an internal service fund that provides services to other County departments. The cost of the information systems services are mostly recouped through indirect and direct charges to the user departments. Costs for telecommunication services are recouped through a monthly per line charge to the user departments. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division manages the County's spatial databases and provides improved data analysis and reporting tools to all departments. 

Medical Examiner:

The office of the Medical Examiner is authorized by 59.34 of the Wis. State Statues and is responsible for the investigation of deaths in Washington County and determining the cause and manner of death in the following categories: all deaths occurring where there are unusual or suspicious circumstances; all homicides; all suicides; all deaths where there is an accident, whether or not the accident caused the death; all motor vehicle deaths; all deaths by abortion; all cremations; all deaths where there is no doctor in attendance; all deaths where the physician refuses to sign a death certificate; and all SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) cases.

Planning & Parks:

County Parks

The County Parks Department is an enterprise fund that oversees the operations and planning for the County Park System, provides grounds maintenance for County properties, and manages park planning and construction. Park operations are financed in a manner similar to private business enterprises and has a goal to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of tax levy support.

Golf Course

This 18-hole championship golf course designed by golf course architect Arthur Hills opened in April 1997 on 280 acres and features all bent grass fairways, tees and greens. Course operations are financed in a manner similar to private business enterprises and does not require a tax subsidy.

Land Information

This budget area accounts for the County's Land Information Office. To participate in the Wisconsin Land Information Program, each county must establish a Land Information Office and prepare a Land Information Plan. With an approved plan, a county may retain a portion of the recording fee for each real estate document recorded by the Register of Deeds. These retained funds are required by 59.72(5)(b)(3) of Wis. State Statute to fund the local land information program and must be solely used to implement activities identified in the Land Information Plan.


The Planning, Land Use, and Conservation divisions provide various public services in relation to environmental protection and awareness, regulation compliance, and improved quality of life in Washington County. Services include administration of mining site and water pollution regulations, conducting resource inventories and developing resource management plans, cost sharing for the installation of conservation practices, and educational programs. Additionally, the County administers County shore land, wetland, and flood-plain zoning ordinances, administers sanitary system maintenance, oversees subdivision plat reviews and makes long-range planning programs. 

Register of Deeds:

Under the authority of Chapter 59.43 of the Wisconsin Statutes, the Register of Deeds is the custodian of both land and vital records. Documents recorded in the office are a matter of public record and can be inspected by anyone during regular business hours.

Samaritan Campus:

The Samaritan Campus is governed and owned by Washington County and is comprised of The Samaritan Health Center, which has 131 skilled and Medicare certified nursing home (SNF) beds including 119 private rooms and four specially equipped rooms for bariatric clients. The Fields of Washington County, also located on the Campus, is comprised of a 24-unit Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC) and a 31-unit Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF). The mission of Samaritan Health Center and the Fields of Washington County is to plan, develop and implement the best possible programs and services which will contribute to, and meet the complex medical, physical, psychological, rehabilitative, emotional and spiritual well being needs of the elderly and disabled.

Sheriff's Office:

The Sheriff’s Office operates the County Jail, attends to the Circuit Court, operates a 911 Dispatch Center and provides law enforcement programs throughout the county. The County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the (1) prevention of crime and the protection of life and property; (2) the preservation of peace, order, and safety; the enforcement of laws and ordinances; and (3) the safeguarding of constitutional guarantees.

Veterans Services:

The Veteran's Office primary mission is to assist Washington County veterans and their families in obtaining State or Federal veteran benefits for which each veteran is entitled due to his/her active military service. This office can assist in establishing initial eligibility for State and Federal benefits, recording discharge documents, filing claims for either Compensation or Pension, and explaining the programs that may be of interest to the veteran and their family. The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs has developed many programs that are directed towards veterans, including but are not limited to: Primary Home Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Tuition Assistance, and Retraining Grants. There are residency requirements that must be met to apply for these programs.