County Board

By the Wisconsin constitution, and by action of the State Legislature, the Washington County Board of Supervisors is vested with powers of a local, legislative and administrative character to act upon matters of general government, public safety, transportation, health and human services, court services, education and culture and the conservation of land resources as delegated to the counties of Wisconsin by State Legislature.

County Board Chairperson

It is the duty of the County Board Chairperson to open sessions of the County Board; announce business before the County Board and the order in which it is to be acted upon, receive and submit all motions and propositions presented by the members; put to vote all questions which are regularly moved or which arise in the course of proceedings and announce results. Some of the other areas the Chairperson is involved: review each departmental budget prior to review by the County Board; authorized to sign orders issued by the County Board, contracts as provided in the purchasing ordinance and grant documents where approved by the County Board; represent the County Board as authorized at meetings or other official functions; name, when directed to do so in accordance with the Supervisors Rules of Order, the members who are to serve on committees; the Chairperson shall be an ex-officio member of all committees on which he/she does not serve as a member.

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