Septic Systems/POWTS

Conventional System Diagram - Source EPAActivities relating to the installation or repair of septic systems requires the owner of the property to obtain a Washington County Sanitary Permit. A Master Plumber or Master Plumber-Restricted Sewer is the responsible party for obtaining the permit, and the installation and/or repair of the system. In order to apply for a sanitary permit submit an application, site plan, a site evaluation and a system design. For certain POWTS, state approval is needed before applying for the County sanitary permit. A Washington County Land Use Inspector will ensure that the POWTS is installed in compliance with state codes through a series of inspections.

Private On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (POWTS) Search - The POWTS search and reporting application provides information and scanned images of system designs and site layouts regarding the POWTS installed in Washington County and a method for licensed plumbers to file pumping/inspection reports electronically.  If you are a state licensed septic service provider, please log into the website to report the sanitary service maintenance performed.

Want to Apply for a Permit?

Use our online permit application program to apply for Sanitary Permits. For online instructions click here:  POWTS

If you are not able to use our online permit application, click on the specific application forms and details.

Washington County Code 190

Permit Application & Fees:

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