Bikeway & Trail Network Plan

Biking on the Eisenbahn Trail

STORYMAP - Bikeway and Trail Network Plan

Executive Summary - Washington County Bikeway and Trail Network Plan (June 2019)

The Plan as a Guide (November 2019)  

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation announced the award of the 2016-2020 Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) to the Washington County Planning and Parks Department for the development of a Bike & Pedestrian Plan for Washington County. The Plan was developed in an effort to increase opportunities for non-motorized vehicle transportation. The Public Works Committee adopted this plan on May 22, 2019. The Plan makes recommendations to develop a countywide network of trails and routes as alternate modes of transportation that can be integrated into a user's daily routine. The Plan focuses on creating trails and routes that provide accessibility to essential services, such as schools, commercial centers and major employment centers as well as creating a trail network that provides varied recreational opportunities that are enjoyable for all residents.

The Plan promotes recommendations for policies, programs and ordinances that will support development of a safe and accessible network of trails which encourage active lifestyles in a way that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable for all users which considering connections between existing trails throughout the County and in adjoining counties. By providing connections to existing trails, Washington County residents will have access to a greater variety of opportunities and destinations.

View the adopted Bikeway & Trails Network Plan below in the Document Container. This is a large document (67 MB), please be patient while the file downloads.

The County contracted with Toole Design Group and the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) to assist with the development of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

Project Management Team

 Deb Sielski  Deputy Director, Planning & Parks
 Sydney Swan  Planning & Parks
 Kit Keller  Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals
 Sonia Dubielzig Haeckel  Toole Design Group
 Joe Delmagori  SEWRPC
 Chris Hiebert  SEWRPC

Advisory Committee

Work on the Plan commenced in July 2018 and was completed in May 2019. An Advisory Committee was formed to oversee the planning process with representatives from local governments, businesses, citizens, organizations, and State agencies. The Advisory Committee was actively involved in the planning process, leading to greater understanding, involvement, and implementation of the countywide network of trails. The Advisory Committee had five meetings:

Meeting 1 August 15th 2018 - Project overview and visioning
Meeting PowerPoint

Meeting 2 September 12th 2018 - Review of existing conditions, opportunities, challenges and needs
Meeting Materials

Meeting 3 October 29th 2018 - Review of draft program, policy, and facility recommendations, and discussion of prioritization approach
Meeting Materials

Meeting 4 February 13th - Review of draft plan (focused on prioritization)
Meeting PowerPoint

Meeting 5 April 30th - Review the final draft plan
Meeting PowerPoint

Advisory Committee MeetingAdvisory Committee Members

Advisory Committee Maps
Dave Hanrahan  Bike Friendly West Bend
 Willie Karidis  Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
 Jessie Balcom  Village of Slinger
 Rich Ramsey  Pedal Moraine Cycle and Fitness
 Larry Ratayczak  Village of Germantown
 Rich Goeckner  Village of Newburf
 Al Schulties  Town of Polk
 Dave Rodd  West Bend Joint School District
 Jim Heipp  Town of West Bend
 Jason Schall  City of Hartford
 Chris Elbe  Town of Farmington
 Richard Bertram  Town of Barton
 Max Marecha  City of West Bend
 Joseph Gonnering  Town of Trenton
 Matt Heiser  Village of Kewaskum
 Daniel Zignego  Town of Erin
 Jennifer Keller  Village of Richfield
 Amy Maurer  Froedert
 Roger Kist  Washington County
 Elaine Motl  Visit Washington County
 Corey Foerster  Alcore Bike Club
 Marcy Bishop  Town of Jackson
 Jennifer L. Guslick  Town of Germantown


Public Engagement

Public Open House February 2019

There were two community outreach meetings.

A Plan Kickoff Workshop was scheduled for August 2018 and offered participants an opportunity to provide input in a workshop-style format. The Workshop provided opportunities to:

  • Gauge residents' preference for different types of bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Provide input on factors that impact a person's choice to walk or bicycle for a trip
  • Identify opportunities, challenges and needs for bicycling in the County
  • Define prioritization criteria for potential bicycle and pedestrian projects

A Public Open House was scheduled for February 2019 and allowed participants to:

  • Review and provide comment on recommended bicycle and pedestrian routes and facilities; and
  • Provide comment on overall draft Plan and recommendations.
  • The Open House included a brief presentation about the Draft Plan.

There was also numerous public engagement opportunities offered throughout the planning process at events and through an interactive web-based map.