Drug Court Awarded $1,000,000 BJA Grant
Posted on 06/24/2024

Washington County Drug Court Awarded $1,000,000 BJA Grant

West Bend, WI – The Washington County Drug Treatment Court was awarded a $1,000,000 Bureau of Justice Assistance grant to continue operation of providing treatment to and reducing recidivism of nonviolent offenders with a substance use disorder residing in Washington County. These dollars will provide funding for the drug court through September 30, 2027.

The Washington County Drug Treatment Court began in January 2020 and offers nonviolent offenders with a substance use disorder an alternative to prison get treatment, get sober, and rebuild your life in the community. The Drug Court operates by way of partnerships from stakeholders in the criminal justice system who have a shared interest in reducing drug-motivated crime in our community.

Judge Sandra Giernoth presides over the court and is joined by a team comprised of members from the Washington County District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, and Health and Human Services Department; Wisconsin State Public Defender; Wisconsin Department of Corrections; Elevate; and Alarus Healthcare. These partnerships allow the Drug Court to leverage community-based services to structure treatment, supervision, and intervention to give participants a chance to break the cycle of substance use and associated criminal activity.  Graduates of this program have achieved sobriety and rebuilt their lives in many ways while in recovery, including by obtaining stable housing, employment, and a driver’s license, and reunifying with their children and families.   

Judge Giernoth said, “I want to thank the stakeholders who continue to serve as team members for the Drug Court. These partnerships are critical to the dual goals of protecting the community by reducing recidivism and providing access to treatment for participants willing to address their addiction.”

County Executive Josh Schoemann said, “Drug Treatment Court supports individuals with managing substance use issues, guiding and encouraging them to find stability through positive choices. This grant will allow this program to continue to have an impact in our county. I am always happy to see another person graduate from the DTC program and wish them God’s richest blessings, neighborly friendship, love and hope.”

The mission of the Washington County Drug Treatment Court is to provide a safe and effective alternative to the traditional criminal justice system for individuals with a substance use disorder. Drug Treatment Court emphasizes personal accountability as well as the importance of evidence-based treatment in order to address the underlying cause of criminal behavior, thereby reducing the recidivism of this population and increasing public safety.

For more information, please contact Washington County’s Diversion Program Manager, Andrew Freeman at (262) 335-4589.