Homeless or Near Homelessness

Homelessness happens.  In fact, studies have shown that 59% of Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless. Homelessness is literally that, not having a home.  Couch surfing, crashing in your car, sleeping in a tent, or staying at friends without a permanent residence is homelessness.

If a Veteran finds themselves in this situation there are some steps they can take to help themselves.  First, it is important to understand that any assistance is going to come with strings.  The expectation, is that you will be clean and sober, or you will enter treatment if addiction is a problem for you.  Second, benefits and services are meant to accomplish four primary goals: Safety, Food, Shelter, and Treatment.  It will be up to you, with general direction, to help yourself.

What services are available?

Housing assistance

Food Assistance

Utility Assistance

Basic Household Needs i.e. Kitchen tools, bed, chairs...

All services for homeless or near homeless Veterans require the Veteran meet specific parameters.  You must be able to prove Veteran status, and you must meet income requirements and homeless or near homelessness criteria.

Organizations that the Washington County Veterans Service Office typically works with are: