Election Integrity Resolution Passes
Posted on 05/09/2024

Election Integrity Resolution Passes

County Clerk Ashley Reichert Outlined $150,000 Election Integrity Plan

(WEST BEND, WI)County Executive Josh Schoemann praised the County Board’s approval of an Election Integrity resolution to be implemented ahead of the November 2024 General Election.

County Executive Schoemann said, “I commend County Clerk Ashley Reichert for bringing these bold and innovative initiatives forward and thank the County Board for unanimously supporting this Election Integrity package. Residents of Washington County expect elections to be run fairly and these initiatives address concerns that have emerged in recent elections. Our goal is to bolster public confidence in the process. I’m proud that we are the first county to fund additional election integrity measures for November’s crucial election. I look forward to local municipalities cooperating to effectuate these initiatives and encourage other counties to follow suit.”

County Clerk Ashley Reichert said, “these measures can significantly reinforce the electoral process’s integrity and assist in enhancing public confidence in our democratic system.” She outlined the elections initiatives to provide $150,000 in county funding to local municipalities, noting that compensating the municipalities at 150% of actual costs will offset funds needed for additional poll workers, election inspectors, and additional hours for the clerks:

  • Provide enhanced in-person absentee hours on a voluntary basis, that will allow our communities to provide extended voting hours currently only available to larger cities.

  • Election audits on the night of the election (voluntary municipal participation).

  • County-wide election audit.

  • Discontinue Central Count through buying back machines previously bought by some municipalities and return to the standard precinct-based process, upon municipal approval. This will allow for the count of absentee ballots at polling locations rather than transfer to another location.

  • Replace cloth voting machine cases with hard cases to better protect the expensive equipment.